Industrial designer with 50 products manufactured in millions of pieces each year. Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience currently trying to change how 3D models are created, and developing new production strategies involving parametric design and robotics.



online 3D modeling tool

VECTARY is an online 3D modeling tool offering easy ways to create complex models for 3D printing. It aims to stimulate the creativity of all generations, from children to professional designers, with any level of modeling skills.

As a co-founder and CEO, Michal Koor utilizes his extensive expertise in design, 3D modeling and manufacturing.

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prototyping laboratory

Michal Koor co-founded one of the largest prototyping studios in CEE. FORMLAB, is a source for innovative manufacturing which offers wide variety of modern technologies under one roof. It has the ability to produce any size object with any complexity using 6-axis robotic milling, 3D printing, 3D wire cutting, vacuum forming, reaction injection moulding, glass fibre laminating, etc.

The company is best know for its unique production processes and problem-solving. Its qualified professionals have extensive experience in design development and manufacturing techniques. It is their priority to develop the most suitable way to deliver desired results.

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over 50 designs produced in millions

Michal Koor is an industrial designer with over 12 years of experience bringing designs/products to life. Today over 50 of his designs are being manufactured in millions of pieces each year.

"Good design starts with complex research of current market, materials, technology and current solutions." His work focuses on innovation and bringing unique solutions that differentiate client's product on the market, and thus strengthen the company's brand. His works range from simple products to luxurious high-end designs.

slovak design portal

DESIGNBY.Slovakia is a complex virtual portal supporting students and professionals in the area of design with a focus on Slovakia. Since 2008 it acts as a mediator in communication between designer and potential clients, by showcasing works of Slovak designers.

As a co-founder Michal Koor helped determine the focus of on promoting design and raising its value and meaning.

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